Kent, WA The Everett Silvertips got out to a quick three goal lead and held off the Seattle Thunderbirds Saturday night to earn a 3 2 victory. Tyler Maxwell earned first star of the night with two goals and one assist. Maxwell now has nine points in his last four games.

Travis Konecny, scored twice in the first period to give the Sting a 2 1 lead after the first 20 minutes. Konecny, scored 58 seconds into the game and then tallied his second at 14:29. Chychrun assisted on the first goal and Ryan McGregor on the second.

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Now I can say that we attracting students from outside the state coming to Indiana, coming to AIT Laboratories. So that to me is a critical feature to our future is to attract that talent, to keep it coming and to keep the resources at IUPUI, IU, Franklin College, St. Joseph College, throughout the state of Indiana, the small colleges, that they produce tremendous talent.

220 acres of pasture, contained by physical fencing (could be used to mount hardware but does not have 110VAC access). The pastures are interspersed within a larger area that also contains woods and swamps. What I mean is, there a mobile only use case here and there also a use case where you have a combination web based UI (farmer desktop) and an OEM handheld homing device for finding loose animals.

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