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Cheap Jerseys china “It’s been awesome,” Savage said this week. “I say it all the time. But it’s just the give and take that we all have. Now he is part of one of the most famous college teams in America, where more than 90,000 people attend every home game. Given his success in just 12 months of coaching, Keehn said he could not help but dream of an NFL career. “Of course you want to play NFL but right now I’m at LSU for four years and that’s what I’m focusing on,” he said.Keehn will head back to America in mid June, but says he has already been blown away by the enormity of NCAA Division 1 college football.”Even though I was there for barely a day you could still get a grip of how big a deal it really is,” Keehn said.”I’ve been told that when you walk down the street everybody knows your name.”It’s like if Melbourne had one AFL team and every single person followed that team.”The 22 year old does not yet know if he will get a game in his first season and expects to be “red shirted” where a student is rested for a year while he develops his skill, therefore extending his scholarship.”Plenty of guys (including current Australian LSU punter Brad Wing) get red shirted in the first year but go on to big things,” he said.Having never played a game and only playing Australian Rules for less than two years, he was virtually signed by the university sight unseen, except for a few tapes of him in action.Even when he toured the university, he wasn’t actually allowed to kick or show off any of his abilities. Cheap Jerseys china

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